APR 25 2014

Ragu revamps with new and improved range

The number two category leader and UK favourite Ragu announces a range of firsts for the brand, including a completely revised portion size, new flavour variants, full on-pack redesign, website relaunch and an innovative new product launch.

Since acquiring the brand from Unilever in September 2011, Ragu has become the number two challenger in the Italian Sauce Cooking category. The renewed focus on innovation is just one example of how Symington’s have repositioned the brand to meet growing consumer demands around usage and versatility, as well as choice and value.

Replacing the existing 454g size with a 650g jar – tailored to larger families of 4-5 people – and the 400g size with a new 375g jar – for families of 2-3 – prevents wastage, guaranteeing better value. The new 650g range will benefit from two new flavour variants, using 100% natural ingredients, and will offer the equivalent of 1 of the recommended 5 a day, so consumers can feel confident in both the quality and nutrition of Ragu.

The full range has been redesigned - clearly showcasing the brand’s Italian American heritage through distinctive black and white photography, as well as clear communication of premium 100% natural ingredients. The new look also aims to break up the sea of red and green in the Italian Sauce category, giving the range real stand out on shelf.

The launch of Ragu Pour Over sauces represents a significant change to traditional pasta sauces. The range will offer consumers authentic Italian sauces with ingredients that ensure a richer, thicker texture – a premium product offering at great value for money.

Andrew Wade, Marketing Controller at Symington’s said, “It is an incredibly exciting time for Ragu. Since Symington’s purchased the Ragu brand in 2011, it has gone from strength to strength.”